Ambra Jovinelli Theater

The Ambra Jovinelli, once called only Teatro Jovinelli, is a theater in Rome intended primarily for comic theater performances.

The theater was created at the behest of theatrical impresario Giuseppe Jovinelli, who intended to build a variety theater with a luxurious face worthy of being equated with a prose theater, which is usually stylistically richer and nobler. It was erected in the disappeared Guglielmo Pepe in the Esquiline district.

After a series of plans signed by Pietro Chiodelli and Giacomo Radiconcini, construction began in 1906. The following year Ulderico Bencivegna took over as designer. The inauguration took place on March 3, 1909.

With programming that pushes the envelope of entertainment, the Roman stage, has always hosted the most important actors in Italian theater and cinema.

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Ambra Jovinelli Theater


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