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Reflections on how Digitization supports the Culture sector.

Promoting Accessibility to Cultural Heritage: a European priority

Accessibility to cultural sites is crucial for social inclusion, but physical and sensory barriers are still challenges. Emerging technologies and projects such as Universal Design and ARCHES seek to make cultural sites more accessible. Investment in innovative solutions is essential for an inclusive future.

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iPhone in a theatre venue

The Digital Revolution in Ticketing for Live Events: From the Past to the Future

The evolution of live event ticketing from paper tickets to e-ticketing through digitization has simplified ticket purchase and management, improving the audience experience. From ancient Rome to the present, the industry has innovated to the use of blockchain and collaboration with the SIAE to ensure security, convenience and respect for copyrights.

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The Evolution Of Audioguides: A Journey Through The History Of Cultural Accessibility

The fascinating evolution of audioguides in museums, from the innovative debut of radio at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1952 to the digital transformation in the 21st century, highlights how these technologies have improved cultural accessibility and transformed the museum experience.

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Ragazza con visore al museo

Museum Transformations: AI as a new digital tool to enhance Museums

AI enriches museums with virtual tours, interactive exhibits and robotic assistants. The debate continues on the loss of human contact and balance between entertainment and education. How digital tools become crucial.

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theatre community image

Building communities with digital marketing

Building a loyal community through digital tools makes it possible to create true brand ambassadors of the cultural institution

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Creating digital community starting with improving visitation

Replacing classic audio guides with an official app is the first step in building a digital community with which to interact directly

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Museums and Digital Culture: interview with Maria Elena Colombo

We interviewed live digital consultant, author and writer Maria Elena Colombo on hot topics in the process of digitizing culture, ranging from current and future tools to the organizational context of Italian museums and how to engage an audience that is evolving as technology does.

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SaaS software: sustainable digital projects for culture

The latest digital project in culture that you have heard about? Undoubtedly one that uses buzzword technologies on Wired, made through astronomical institutional funding and will be short-lived, if not extended by other ordinarily unsustainable expenditures.

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