European Museum of Trees


In an era of increasing environmental awareness, the Blue Cheese Project association challenged us to create an experience that integrated culture and nature, promoting awareness of Rome’s ancient trees. The goal is to educate citizens and tourists about the importance of these living monuments, using technology to create a bridge between the past and the ecological future.

This project is being carried out with support from the MiC (Ministry of Culture) and NextGenerationEU, under the PNRR, and is sponsored by the Capitoline Department of Agriculture, Environment and Waste Cycle.

As an instance of the product Showtime! Apps, we developed “European Museum of Trees,” an app that transforms walks through Rome’s gardens and parks into profound educational experiences. Using geolocation, the app provides historical and environmental details about monumental trees, enriching visits with multimedia and interactive content.

App Features:

  • Interactive Map: Locate and discover ancient trees with details on their history, species and ecological contribution.
  • Multimedia Content: Access to photo galleries, videos, and audio excerpts that tell the legends and historical facts associated with each tree. All content is editable at any time by the organizer through a management console.
  • Interactivity: Push notifications about events and trivia related to nearby trees.
  • Community Engagement: Social login and chat features for interactions and sharing among users.
  • Offline Accessibility: Downloadable content for use without Internet connectivity, ideal for tourists.

“European Museum of Trees” aims to renew interaction with Rome’s green heritage, raising awareness of environmental conservation and promoting sustainable tourism. The app acts as a catalyst for educational initiatives, encouraging a deeper and more sustainable connection with the natural environment.


EMoT – Diffuse Museum of Trees

widespread museum made by
Bluecheese Project Association
Roma (RM)


  • iPhone and Android App
  • App Management Web Console
  • Communication consulting on mobile channel

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