Giuditta Pasta Theatre

Founded in 1990 at the behest of the city administration of the city of Saronno, the Giuditta Pasta Theater hosts the greatest artists and the best-known national and international companies, welcoming very different genres, from prose to music, from dance to opera, from operetta to comedy to satisfy multiple audiences. The Giuditta Pasta Theater’s commitment to the education of the younger generation is well known: devoting special attention to the younger generation, accompanying them in the discovery of the theatrical world and making them conscious spectators over time is one of the organization’s main missions.

The “Teatro Giuditta Pasta” App is an example of Showtime branding ! which, through a dedicated application for iPhone and Android, will allow the theater to communicate with its users in an immediate way, enabling new communication strategies capable of reaching viewers in a new, more direct and innovative way.

The spectator at the Giuditta Pasta Theater will have an App on his or her device with an intuitive user experience designed to make it easier to consult the Playbill. The app will provide an additional service to spectators: users will have at their fingertips the details and times of each performance, play by play, always updated in real time, and will be able to conveniently purchase tickets at any time.

By registering for the App, each user will be able to create a Wish List customized to his or her preferences, having events of individual interest at hand and being notified whenever they begin.

Through the Recents menu item, it will be possible to keep track of the last tabs viewed, and finally, the application will allow the Giuditta Pasta Theater to send Push Notifications with promotions, program changes and alerts, communicating in an increasingly immediate way with its audience and providing an even more timely service.


Giuditta Pasta Theater
Saronno (Va)


  • iPhone and Android app development
  • Web Console Development for App Management
  • Communication consulting on mobile channel

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