IJF International Journalism Festival

The International Journalism Festival (ijf) was founded in 2006 in Perugia on the initiative of Arianna Ciccone and Christopher Potter, with the aim of talking about journalism, information, press freedom and democracy. The model is innovative, born from below since there are no scientific committees or artistic directors: those who have ideas, proposals, content to propose, can do so, and the festival is also born from the meeting of these ideas.

It is, therefore, an event where protagonists of information, from all over the world, meet for a few days with citizens, readers, students, professionals, in a continuous flow of ideas, exchanges, comparisons.

Thanks to the Official App you can follow the festival without missing a single event and experience the city of Perugia at its best. The Calendar will track events in real time and show you the meetings that are about to start. You will be able to access the Speaker tabs, view their profiles and the events they will participate in. Through the Map section you will discover what is around you so that you can choose which encounter around you is most interesting and easy to reach depending on your location. Also help yourself with the Navigate To feature, which you can activate by selecting the location. APersonal Area will allow you to create your Wish List and be notified before the event you have selected begins. Decide in advance from the comfort of home what you want to watch and enjoy your favorite matches live.

IJF’s App allows visitors to walk along the streets of the city and immerse them in the life of the Festival. With an approach at your fingertips, our product allows you to best express your identity and communicate in an innovative and targeted way with your users.


International Journalism Festival
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