In Loco

Spaces Undecided has been experimenting since 2010 with interventions to enhance abandoned places, triggering processes of light and temporary urban regeneration through cultural devices that span and hybridize different contemporary languages. These cultural devices transform abandoned places, previously explored, documented, and catalogued, into a field of inquiry and research for artists, photographers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and citizens, relating past, present, and future and producing a contemporary reflection that only the arts (in their broadest sense) can generate.

The InLoco application, an example of branding the new product Showtime! Museum dedicated to iOS and Android smartphone devices, will allow visitors to discover the places of the In Loco Diffuse Museum of Abandonment through special content created specifically for the mobile project.

La subdivision of content into itineraries allows users to discover and follow organized routes in the absence of human guidance by introducing a new generation map that will make the user experience even more compelling: using GPS connection, each visitor, going to the places of the In Loco Diffuse Museum of Abandonment, will be able to discover exclusively and directly from their mobile device special multimedia and unreleased content linked to the spaces of Italy’s most original museum!


Association APS Undecided Spaces
Forli (FC)


  • iPhone and Android app development
  • Web Console Development for App Management
  • Communication consulting on mobile channel

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