Lear Competition Festival

The Lear Competition Festival (LCF) is a hub that brings together innovation, networking and exciting opportunities for the antitrust community. Experts from different fields will address the most current issues in competition law and economics.

Over the course of its four days, this international event hosts cutting-edge debates on new competition tools and issues, discussions on selected international cases, and advanced academic contributions on competition law, competition economics, competition policy, and regulation.

The festival has decided to adopt its own native iPhone and Android smartphone app to provide attendees with a new way to have all the information they care about at all times on their smartphones during the event.

The user will be able to consult a dynamic calendar that adapts to the passage of time, making it clear what has begun and what is about to begin. Each event tab lists the speakers in that session, so you can also look up the profile of those who will be speaking.

Within the event tab, it will be possible for limited number sessions to reserve your place through appropriate call-to-action and registration form.

A dynamic map, will follow the user not only in space but also in time, making it easy to understand what is happening at each festival location and where events will be held.

Users will have the opportunity to register and save their own list of favorite events, speakers and participants, so they can prepare both for attendance during the event and be able to remember faces and names after the festival.

Even in absence of connectivity the app will allow the user to consult the program.

From the App management Console, the organization will be able to change the schedule and information in visitor apps in real time, as well as send Push notifications to alert attendees of upcoming events they should not miss and last-minute service information.


Lear Competition Festival

organized by
LearLab srl
Roma (RM)


iPhone and Android App
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