Quirino Theater

The Quirino Theater was built in 1871 to make up for the lack of performance venues in the central area east of Rome’s Corso. Today the Teatro Quirino Vittorio Gassman is a historical reality of excellence in the Capitoline theater scene.

A deep foyer, complete with checkroom and ticket office, envelops the 850-seat Hall, which covers a wide and varied cultural offering in the field of live performance. They frame a bookstore in which to relax and immerse oneself in reading and listening to books and vinyl records that the theater offers and a Bistro in which to sample fine wines and delicacies.

To evolve the experience of Roman audiences, the Quirino Theater App was born, where information, images and videos are displayed about upcoming shows and events. Offers the ability, through a registration, to create your own Wishlist to save information about your favorite shows.

The ticket purchase option allows you to save time at the ticket office and sit directly in the theater; in addition, the theater will be able to send push notifications with promotions, program changes and alerts, communicating with its audience in an increasingly immediate way and providing even more timely service.

Developed with Showtime! Theater, in order to provide a quality product that meets the needs of the Customer and, above all, is indispensable to the users who will make use of it.


Quirino Theater – Vittorio Gassman
Rome (Rm)


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