Sarnico Busker Festival

The Sarnico Busker Festival, an International Street Art Festival organized in Sarnico and Paratico, was born 19 years ago from the desire to bring artistically varied and qualitatively elevating performances to an area rich in history and artistic and architectural beauty.

Mango Mobile Solutions has been the mobile service provider of the Sarnico Busker Festival since the 2013 edition. For the 2017 edition, moved by a need to virtually accompany their viewers inside the festival venues during the event, the organizers adopted the format for the app Showtime! Festival, a well-established product of Mango Mobile Solutions that allows, through its inherent functions, greater interaction between the organizing body and the user, fully responding to what are the primary objectives of the festival: dissemination and enhancement of street art as a moment of social encounter in urban spaces full of history.

The main features of Showtime! are:

  • Calendar with individual events enriched with text, images, videos and links, all of which can be shared on social
  • Interactive map to easily reach the places where individual events will be held
  • Push notifications for real-time notification of schedule changes and special events
  • Wishlist of User Favorite Events with alarm before start
  • Ticketing/Reservation: Native or Via-Web integration depending on Ticket vendor


Thanks to the services of Showtime! Festival and to an effective and comprehensive communication strategy, during the days of the Festival (July 26 – 29, 2018) the app registered compared to the previous editionanincrease of +63.44% in the use of maps and an increase of +24.95% in the consultation of the cards in the app [*].

[*] Google Analytics data

Data, these, closely related to the functions made available to the public who, through a usable interface, were able to experience an all-around engaging user experience.

In fact, reports from the end of the event show that the app functions that “traveling viewers” loved the most were those related to the information gathering (Program View; Show Tab Detail; Add to Wishlist) and to theinteraction with festival venues (Point of Interest Selection; See Map; Walk Toward) using, thanks to the app, their mobile media as a real personal guide.


Pro-Loco Sarnico
Sarnico (Bg)


  • iPhone app development
  • Android App Development
  • Data Management
  • Backend for app update

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