Teatro Stabile di Bolzano

The Teatro Stabile di Bolzano is, after the Piccolo in Milan, the second stable theater in Italy and the leading Italian-language theater institution in South Tyrol. The Teatro Stabile offers its performances in the venue of the Bolzano Municipal Theater. TSB’s institutional purposes can be traced back to the production, support and dissemination of national art and traditional theater in the city, provincial, regional, national and international spheres and to theatrical research and experimentation through specialized and qualified companies.
TSB’s current activity is characterized by the promotion of contemporary Italian dramaturgy and the cultural risk that comes with it, with special attention and openness to authors and directors of the contemporary scene and to unpublished texts.

From pr spring 2021, the Bolzano State Theater will promote its cultural offerings through the Showtime! TSB, which will enable organizers to communicate with their viewers in an immediate and timely manner about the entire playbill organized in Bolzano and province and related news.

Every viewer registered in the app will have access to the information through a user experience that encourages consultation thanks to the Calendar features and the in-depth Card Detail, from which it is possible to access the theater’s online ticket office and purchase admission tickets.

The Calendar is automated and tracks events according to their time evolution. This will enable the user to view all the shows scheduled for the current day in a smooth and consequential manner.

In addition, creating a customized Wish List allows you to have events of single interest at your fingertips and be notified on time whenever they begin.

Receipt of push notifications also allows visitors, in case of program changes or special appointments, to be notified in good time and stay up-to-date on all theater activities.


Teatro Stabile di Bolzano
Bolzano (Bz)


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