Teatro Stabile di Torino

Founded in 1955, the Piccolo Teatro della Città di Torino was given the task of reviving the tradition of “art theater” in the city after the crisis of the Fascist twenty-year period and the wartime destruction. Today, the Teatro Stabile di Torino is a well-established reality in the social fabric of our country so much so that in February 2015 it was granted the status of National Theater by MiBACT.

Their Mission is: To produce, perform and host, with a stable and continuous character and in the directly managed theatrical venues, prose, dance and musical theater performances of a high artistic level; to preserve, popularize and promote, also internationally, Italian art theater, from the classical repertoire to contemporary dramaturgy.

Through the app, it is possible to nimbly browse the schedules of all the shows staged at Teatro Carignano, Teatro Gobetti and Fonderie Limone Moncalieri. Users will have at their fingertips the details and times of each performance always updated in real time and can conveniently purchase tickets. The app also offers information on subscriptions, concessions, Stable Card and ticketing as well as promotions and discounts dedicated to those who have it. A Map section for easy access to theater venues. Finally, the app allows the Teatro Stabile di Torino to create a Wishlist of favorite shows and send push notifications with promotions, program changes and alerts, communicating in an increasingly immediate way with its audience and providing an even more timely service.

The new App of the Teatro Stabile di Torino adds to our client portfolio, which has chosen “Showtime! Theater” for promotion under the banner of the future. With a direct and innovative approach, accompanied by a high level of customization, our product allows people to better express their identity and communicate with their customers in a targeted way.


Foundation of the Teatro Stabile di Torino
Turin (To)


  • iPhone and Android app development
  • Web Console Development for App Management
  • Communication consulting on mobile channel

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