Ente Teatro Cronaca Vesuvioteatro is a theater production company established in 2015 through the merger of
Ente Teatro Cronaca
, founded in 1959 by Mico Galdieri and
, founded in 1996 by Geppi Liguoro and Dora De Martino.

The two companies walked side by side until 2015, when they are with united in the modern Ente Teatro Cronaca Vesuvioteatro, a consortium company with artistic direction by Giulio Baffi, a prominent personality in the theatrical world, former president of the National Association of Theater Critics, president of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and member of the board of directors of the Eduardo De Filippo Foundation. The merger created a new synergy capable of meeting the challenges of Italian theater and combines a passion for research and support of new talent with that of renowned artists beloved by the general public, in a cross-cultural and universal look at theater.

VesuvioTeatro is an app Showtime! Festival dedicated for iPhone and Android that allows the Festival to communicate with its users in a direct and immediate way the entire program of the Festival and all related news.

Visitors to VesuvioTeatro will have an app on their device with an easy-to-use user experience thanks to the Calendar and Map features.

The Calendar, automated, follows events according to their temporal evolution so as to support the user in the consequential fruition of all the necessary information for the events scheduled for the current day.

La Map interactive shows the user’s location with respect to the places where the meetings, with the possibility of being able to be obtained the relevant directions;
The app was created with the aim of creating a unique, exclusive place for the Community of spectators participating in the Festivals and theatrical events organized by Ente Teatro Cronaca Vesuvioteatro. First of all, the Festival Tales for a Fresh Start, a widespread event that involves the creation of theatrical, itinerant and short-lived paths for a limited number of spectators and for only one artist at a time, in splendid locations in the Metropolitan City of Naples and the Campania Region.

In this way, the app becomes an indispensable tool for informing and organizing the visitors’ time in the festival spaces. The creation of a Wish List Customized allows you to have events at your fingertips of individual interest and be notified in good time whenever they begin. La receiving push notifications also allows visitors, in case of program changes or special appointments, to be notified in good time and stay up-to-date on all festival activities.


Ente Teatro Cronaca Vesuvioteatro scarl
Naples (NA)


  • iPhone and Android app development
  • Web Console Development for App Management
  • Communication consulting on mobile channel

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