Post-pandemic cultural strategy and the importance of staying connected with your audience

Our experience in the technology sector and at the same time in the cultural sector has allowed us at Mango Mobile Agency over the past year and a half to be able to experience first-hand (and up close) the transformation, which has involved the cultural and entertainment sector during lockdown periods.

We observed and analyzed winning cases of institutions that were able to implement fast and effective communication strategies using the digital channels at their disposal to keep in touch with their audiences.

We have also observed those who, despite having the tools to be able to create alternative posters and schedules in the absence of an audience, have had to (or preferred) to do nothing because they were unable to provide continuity to the urgency of a digital strategy unusual in its nature.

We then identified, thanks in part to censuses and measurements posthumously to the closed periods dictated by Covid, what were the strengths and weaknesses of the heterogeneous use made of digital tools in order to respond in a timely manner to all the needs demanded by our industry clients.

In order to make our analysis as clear and complete as possible, we move from an in-depth look at the global overview of Internet use recorded during the two lockdowns and then analyze the culture and entertainment sector by highlighting the elements that proved to be key to being able to say that the Italy’s digital revolution for the culture sector has finally exploded trying to provide insights and reflections so that no one is left alone to watch its success.

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